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BAX 2016
Best American Experimental Writing
Seth Abramson, ed.; Charles Bernstein, ed.; Tracie Morris, ed.; Jesse Damiani, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


Charles Bernstein and Tracie Morris—Guest Editors’ Introduction
• Seth Abramson and Jesse Damiani—Series Editors’ Introduction
• Samuel Ace—Private Prisons
• Diana Adams—from
Oulipo-Pied Poems
• Steven Alvarez—tupontu
• Mark Amerika—from
Locus Solus
• Jennifer Bartlett—from
The Hindrances of a Householder
• Lesley Battler—Peak Oil Exile
• Christian Bök—The Nocturne of Orpheus
• Anne Boyer—The Animal Model of Inescapable Shock
• M. K. Brake—Taxidermy for Dummies
• Brandon Brown—Zedd ft. Foxes, “Clarity”
• Lonely Christopher—Christmas Day, Mother's Day, and Return to Fire Island
• Maxwell Owen Clark—Prosodic Retardation
• Mark Z. Danielewski—from
The Familiar
• Kevin Davies—from
• Nathaniel Davis—from “This Is When I’m Speaking”
• Samuel R. Delany—Email to Tracie Morris, November 21, 2015
• Erik Didriksen—[My mem’ry gazes back on young romance] and [I notice my belovèd on thy arm]
• Craig Dworkin—from
In Quire, March 27, 2015
• Kevin McPherson Eckhoff—from
Their Biography: An Organism of Relationships
• Tim Fielder—from
Matty’s Rocket
• Richard Foreman—The Roper’s Daughter
• Tonya M. Foster—In Tongues
• Peter Gizzi—Song
• Jody Gladding—Five Poems
• Mira Gonzalez—from
Selected Tweets
• Jean Grae—Crux
• E. Tracy Grinnell—from “death / is an / innumerable / accuracy”
• Gabriel Gudding—from “Amnicola”
• Joseph Harrington—Cotton Still Tops in Area Economy
• Jen Hofer—from “Interventions: Notes on Translating
• Erica Hunt—Should You Find Me
• Darius James and Tân Khánh Cao—Light Headed
• Patricia Spears Jones—Self-Portrait as Shop Window
• erica kaufman—[how speech might help]
• Jake Kennedy—Elegy for Harold Ramis
• Myung Mi Kim—from
Civil Bound
• Michael Kirby—from
• Sonnet L’Abbé—XXIII, XXXIII, and LVII
• Monroe Lawrence—No modernism
• George E. Lewis—Soprano Part for
• Tan Lin—621B
• Corbin Louis—Buck Moon, Hooves, and Claim Number 1468981
• Janice A. Lowe—Boy Flower Tamir
• Chris Mann—from
The Use
• D. S. Marriott—The Bunker
• Jimmy McInnes—Begin Speech With
• K. Silem Mohammad—from
The Sonnagrams
• Wangechi Mutu—from
The End of Eating Everything
• A. L. Nielsen—from
• Jenn Marie Nunes and Mel Coyle—from
• Barack Obama—from “Remarks by the President at the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches”
• Shelagh Patterson—)-(
• Julie Ezelle Patton—from “Do Process”
• Trace Peterson—After Before and After
• Sina Queyras—The Jailor
• Aoife Roberts—from the fact-check of Valeria Luiselli’s
The Story of My Teeth
• Lisa Robertson—from “Notes on Form and Belief”
• Metta Sáma—there is no flash
• James Sanders—from “Plants (Mistakes)”, Mesoscape, and Plants (Jimmy Connors)
• Jennifer Scappettone—Imagine a Cinder-Wench
• Richard Schechner—The Humane Society
• Carolee Schneemann—from “A Response to Maura Reilly’s ‘Taking the Measure of Sexism: Facts, Figures, and Fixes’”
• Sarah Schulman, Jack Waters, and Stephen Winter—from
Jason and Shirley
• Dread Scott—Runaway Shot and If White People Didn’t Invent Air
• Rod Smith—Poem
• Juliana Spahr—Went Looking and Found Coyotes
• Fakhair Spence—[The last writing of me]
• Moez Surani—from
عملية Operación Opération Operation Oперация”
ko ko thett—the burden of being bama
• Edwin Torres—Of Worship and Flight and Bang Bawl Bocconi Birds Unspaced
• Richard Tuttle—Pain and Construction of Envy
• Imani Uzuri—no denial
• Elizabeth Willis—Plot
• Matvei Yankelevich—from
Some Worlds for Dr. Vogt
• Young Paris—Kaké!
• Acknowledgments
• Contributors and
Digital-only contributions to BAX 2016 can be found at
• David Gibbs—This Is Our Business
• Rachel Eliza Griffiths—
The Undressed Syllable
Amy Marengo —wishbone drying; this cloudbank; close lightning
• Tom Mirovski—How to Make a Nature Poem
• Sawnie Morris—elegy for a baby albatross of midway atoll
• Azizaa—Black Magic Woman
• Erykah Badu—Dial’Afreaq
• Kendrick Lamar—The Blacker the Berry

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