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Planetary Noise
Selected Poetry of Erín Moure
Erín Moure; Shannon Maguire, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• POETRY AS PLANETARY NOISE, introduction by Shannon Maguire
Empire, York Street (1979)
• february: turn towards spring
• translation # 1
• photosynthesis
Wanted Alive (1983)
• Bird
• Subliminal Code
Domestic Fuel (1985)
Philosophy of Language
• Jump over the Gate
• Lunge
Furious (1988)
• Snow Door
• A History of Vietnam…
• Pure Writing Is a Notion Beyond the Pen
• Unfurled & Dressy
from The Acts
A Noise Cycle
WSW (West South West) (1989)
• Hello to a Dog
• The Jewel
• The Beauty of Furs
• The Beauty of Furs: A Site Glossary
• Seebe
• Excess
Sheepish Beauty, Civilian Love (1992)
• Song of a Murmur
Citizen Trilogy + Pillage Laud
• Search Procedures
from Search Procedures, or Lake This
• The Notification of Birches
A Frame of The Book / The Frame of A Book (1999)
• The Splendour
from Calor
O Cidadán (2002)
• Georgette
• document15 (differential plane)
• document22 (wound throat)
• document32 (inviolable)
• Thirteenth Catalogue of the Maternity of Harms
• Georgette
• document37 (no tempo das fronteiras)
sovereign body39 (vis-à-vis)
• document40 (vocais abertas)
• Sixteenth Catalogue of the Sorbas of Harms
• 3.38%
• document46 (cara negra)
• Hazard Non <bis>
Pillage Laud (1999, 2011)
from Pillage8 (“Rachel-Julien”) What had so meaningless a book sheltered?
from Pillage9 (“Burnside”) “The differing ward is my beginning”
from To Exist “When to exist is reading”
Galician Cycle
Little Theatres (2005)
from Eight Little Theatres of the Cornices, by Elisa Sampedrín
• “Theatre needs hope” quote from Elisa Sampedrín
from The First Story of Latin
from Late Snow of May—poemas de auga
O Cadoiro (2007)
• “I ll never master the art of poetry. I”
• “The world s not a home I can swear allegiance to”
• “Mother, keep me from going to San Seruando, because”
• “If I see the ocean, it flows”
• “I m not pleading any thread of love”
• “That day I lost your ring”
devenue le sujet spectral : L´YRIC POETR’Y—
• “I m going to walk to the mountain. As if”
Expeditions of a Chimæra (2009)
Oana Avasilichioaei and Erín Moure from “Airways”
Ukrainian Cycle
O Resplandor (2010)
• Evocation
• Splay with a Stone
from Crónica One
• Doubled Elegy, Ethical
• “break simply with grief’s cane”
The Unmemntioable (2012)
“Doors screen wet…”
• Heroides
• “The Photographer of emigrants.”
• “What is that Erín Moure writing…”
• “In her spires of ink…”
• “It occurs to me that I must write E.M.’s poems…”
• Ars Amatori
• Consolatio ad L’vivium
• “Experience appears in this world…”
Kapusta (2015)
from Act 2, Scenes 2 and 3 “Something is trying to crawl…”
• Surgery Lessñn
Transborder Noise
• from
Insecession (an echolation of Chus Pato’s Secession, 2014)
The House Which Is Not Extension but Dispositio Itself
Works of Other Poets in Moure Translation
Chus Pato (Galicia), “Like many of her compatriots”
• Andrés Ajens (Chile), “so lair storm, inti m
yi semblable.”
• Wilson Bueno (Brazil), “one dusk après une autre”
• Nicole Brossard (Québec), “Suggestions Heavy-Hearted”
• Emma Villazón (Bolivia), “Wavering Before The Water”
• Chus Pato (Galicia),
from “While I’m Writing”
• Rosalía de Castro (Galicia), “Today or tomorrow…”
• Fernando Pessoa (Portugal), “XI Some Woman Out There Has a Piano”
, postface by Erín Moure
• Translations
• Collaborative Works
• Works Cited
• Further Reading

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