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In the Language of My Captor
Shane McCrae

Wesleyan University Press


His God
• Panopticon
• Privacy
• What Do You Know About Shame
• Privacy 2
• In the Language
• Purgatory: A Memoir / A Son and a Father of Sons
• Banjo Yes Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award •Banjo Yes Recalls His First Movies
• Banjo Yes Talks About His First White Wife
• Banjo Yes Plucks an Apple from a Tree in a Park
• Banjo Yes Talks About Motivation
• Banjo Yes Asks a Journalist
• (hope)(lessness)
• Sunlight
• Jim Limber the Adopted Mulatto Son of Jefferson Davis Visits His Adoptive Parents...
• Asked About
The Banjo Man and Its Sequels Banjo Yes Tells a Journalist Something...
• Still When I Picture It the Face of God Is a White Man’s Face
• Acknowledgments

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