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In the Air
Essays on the Poetry of Peter Gizzi
Anthony Caleshu, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Introduction:
In the Air: The Poetry of Peter Gizzi by Anthony Caleshu
• “Snow Globe”: Gizzi’s Romantic Exportance—Michael Snediker
• Gesture and Philosophical Reflection in the Poetry of Peter Gizzi—Charles Altieri
• The Artifice of Personhood and the Poetics of Plenitude in Peter Gizzi’s
Archeophonics—Kacper Bartczak
• Peter Gizzi’s Poetics of Contingency—Marjorie Perloff
• Gathering the Poem: On Peter Gizzi’s “A Telescope Protects Its View”—Hannah Brooks-Motl
• “Tradition & the Indivisible Talent”—Sara Crangle
• “To Speak in This Place”: Peter Gizzi, W. S. Graham, and English Poetry—Jeremy Noel-Tod
• Peter Gizzi’s Hypothetical Lyricism—Olivier Brossard
• The Lyric Voice as Ethical Medium: Peter Gizzi and the Contemporary Polis—David Herd
• The Outernationale: Only Transition! or, the Poetics of Unfreedom—Ruth Jennison
• The Bewilderment of Peter Gizzi’s “Plural Noises”: Toward a Poetics of Citizenship—Lytton Smith
• “This further sound, scratch of pen to parchment in a flight of democracy”: Reading Peter Gizzi’s “Some Values of Landscape and Weather”—Nerys Williams
• Peter Gizzi’s Radical Irony—Peter Middleton
• “turning words to return a world”: On Peter Gizzi’s “Pierced”—Philip Coleman
• Recognition, Affect, Resistance: The Poetry of Peter Gizzi—Lee Upton
• Peter Gizzi’s Emotion Machine—Daniel Katz
• To Arrive in Zeno’s Thought: Reverie On, Thinking In, Peter Gizzi’s “A Panic That Can Still Come Upon Me”—Dan Beachy-Quick
• Divine Allusion and Refraction: Beginning, Ecstasy, and the Dead in the Poetry of Peter Gizzi—Anthony Caleshu
• Love at Both Ends of the Western World—Aaron Kunin
• “Trembling my standard returned”: Two Versions of “Hard As Ash”—Graham Foust
• From Seeing to Saying: On Peter Gizzi’s “It Was Raining in Delft”—Ben Lerner
• Afterword: “Sonic Sense”—Cole Swensen
• About the Contributors
• Index

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