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The King James Bible across Borders and Centuries
Angelica Duran, ed.

Duquesne University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Introduction: “In the Beginning” of the KJV’s Fifth Century,
Angelica Duran
• 1. Listening and Reading,
Gordon Campbell
• 2. Back to the Garden: Jewish Hermeneutics, Biblical Reading, PaRDeS, and the Four-Fold Way,
Sandor Goodhart
3. “Them’s Fightin’ Words”: The KJV, Its Predecessors, and Its Inheritors, Stuart Robertson
• 4. Old Wine in New Boxes: Niche Bibles and the KJV,
Beth Quitslund
• 5. The KJV Translators on the Spanish Inquisition’s Index of Prohibited Books,
Angelica Duran
6. “The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness”: The KJV and the Ethno-Exegesis in Iroquoia, Scott Manning Stevens
• 7. Words of Justice in a Secular Society: The KJV in Australia,
John Harris
8. Vox Dei in the King’s English: The KJV, Global English, and Indian Vernaculars, Bruce Robertson
• 9. Reading between the Lines: Neo-Slave Narratives and the KJV,
Katherine Clay Bassard
• 10. “Passing the Love of Women”: Sexual Codes and the KJV,
Raymond-Jean Frontain
• 11. The KJV Plagiarized: Joseph Smith’s Mormon Scriptures,
Trevor Cook
• 12. “For the Bible Tells Me So”: The KJV in Children’s Literature,
Patricia Demers
• Notes
• Works Cited
• About the Contributors
• Index

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