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Comedy Begins with Our Simplest Gestures
Levinas, Ethics, and Humor
Brian Bergen-Aurand, ed.

Duquesne University Press


• Preface
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• ONE You've Got to Laugh: Levinasian Laughter and the Subjectivity of the Subject,
Robert Bernasconi
• TWO Levinas, Bataille, and the Comic Impasse of the Il y a,
Jessie Sims
• THREE How Humor Holds Hostage: Exposure Excession, and Enjoyment in a Levinas beyond Laughter,
Timothy Stock
• FOUR "Knock Knock/Who's There?/ Here I Am, Exposed . . .",
Brian Bergan-Aurand
• FIVE Toward a Critical Theory of Laughter,
Sol Neely
• SIX Levinas's Divine Comedy and Archbishop Romero's Joyful Laughter,
William Paul Simmons
• SEVEN Shameless Acts of Folish Wtiness,
Julie Slaverson
• EIGHT A Clown in Search of Ethics, J
ulia Lane
• NINE Last Laugh Reincarnated as a Lobster:
Gilgul as the Comedy of Substitution, Aubrey L. Glazer
• Notes
• Bibliography
• About the Contributors
• Index

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