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Levinas Studies V11
An Annual Review, Volume 11
Richard A. Cohen, ed.; Jolanta Saldukaityte, ed.

Duquesne University Press


• Editor’s Introduction
• Richard Cohen and Jolanta Saldukaityte

Transcendence and Sensibility: Affection, Sensation, and Non-Intentional Consciousness by Irina Poleshchuk
• Like a Virgin': Levinas's Antiplatonic Understanding of Love and Desire by
Brigitta Keintzel
• Europe and Embodiment: A Levinasian Perspective by James Mensch
• On (Im)Patient Messianism: Marx, Levinas, and Derrida by
Chung-Hsiung Lai
• The Strangeness of Alterity by
Jolanta Saldukaityte
• Facing the Space of Reasons by Kevin Houser
• Levinas on Art and Aestheticism: Getting ‘Reality and Its Shadow’ Right by Richard A. Cohen
• On the Way to Ethical Culture: The Meaning of Art as Oscillating Between the Other,
il y a, and the Third by Rossitsa V. Borkowski
• The
il y a and the Ungrund: Levinas and the Russian Existentialists Berdyaev and Shestov by James McLachlan
A Review of Leon Chestov's Kierkegaard and the Existential Philosophy by Emmanuel Levinas

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