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Inside New England
The Editor-in-Chief of Yankee magazine reveals the New England known only to locals
Judson D. Hale

Bauhan Publishing


• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• Small-Town Living: We're Not Quaint and There's Plenty to Do All Winter
• The Food: Making a Decent Clam Chowder and Other Culinary Observations
• The Humor: Is This the Road to Freeport
• The Weather and the Seasons: Mot People Die on the Ebb Tide
• The Legends (sometimes confused with the history): Please—Anyone Know the Real Name of Paul Revere's Horse?
• Genealogy (and other forms of one-upmanships): Where Lowells Speak Only to Cabots
• The Language: All Those in Favor Say "Ayuh"
• Love, Sex, and Such: A Bull in the Presence of Ladies Is a "Gentileman's Cow"
• The Dark Side: I Have Seen, in the Moonlight, a Latch Rise...
• The Six States: Yankee Come Home
• Bibliography

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