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Albert Duvall Quigley
Artist, Musician, Framemaker, 1891-1961
Albert D. Quigley, ed.

Bauhan Publishing


• Dedication: Karen Tolman on behalf of the Albert D. Quigley Exhibit Committee
• Introduction: Lance Tucker on behalf of the Albert D. Quigley Exhibit Committee
• Albert Duvall Quigley: A Biographical Essay by Barnabas (Barney) Quigley
• Quig, The Painter: May Sarton from
A World of Light
• Comments by Edie Clark
• The Quigley Children
• The Foley Family, with comments by Frank Foley, Barney Quigley and John Foley
• Aunt Cora
• Sandi Navish Patnode
• The Cobleigh Children, with comments by Joan Cobleigh Gerbis
• A Gallery of Portraits
• Reflections by Renn Tolman, Beth Barrell, Dudley Laufman, Harvey Tolman and Barney Quigley
• Quotations from
Newt Tolman and the Haynes Flute, The Country Dance Book and The Keene Sentinel
• Prologue from
Monadnock Tales by Edie Clark
Monadnock Uplands Painters by William L. Bauhan
• Comments by Edie Clark
• Comments by Barney Quigley
• The Nelson Congregational Church: Comments by Edie Clark
• Buildings and Settings of the Countryside: Comments by Bonnie Riley an Schuyler Bemis
• Murals: Trading Goods for Services and the WPA Program, with comments by Barney Quigley
• The Esquimo Lodge, with excerpts from
Village on a Hill: A History of Dublin, New Hampshire, 1752—2000 by Tom Hyman
• Watercolor Sketches for Greeting Cards
• A Few Drawings
• Taking a Turn at Abstract Painting, with comments by Barney Quigley
• Farms and Homesteads: Comments by Priscilla Walter
• The Cold Stillness of Winter: Comments by Joey de Martelly
• Three Letters
• Afterword
• Acknowledgments and Sources
• Donors
• Chronology

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