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Smoke from the Fires
Michael Dennis Browne

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Hide and Go Seek
• To My Brother Peter on the Birth of His First Child
• At Forty
• Mrs Mum in the New World

• Dream at the Death of James Wright
• Little Women
• Thinking of Trees, January
• Fuchsia
• Tortoise Shell, Mojave Desert
• Warrior With Shield
• China, September
• Five Hundred and Eight Buddhas
• For the Chinese Poet Zheng Min
• March Morning
• Neighbor on May
• Seven Songs for Children

• Thinking I Heard a Cry Among the Trees
• Leaves are My Flowers Now
• At Avoca
• Smoke from the Fires
• Poem
• Cutting Up a Fallen Tree
• All My Pretty Ones

• Hiding from the Bride
• Arrogance
• Her Garden
• To My Wife in Time of War

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