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Arthur Giron's Edith Stein
A Dramaturgical Sourcebook
Donald Marinelli

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Preface - Stephen Fienberg
Foreword - Donald Marinelli
• A Long Love: The Quest for Edith Stein - Arthur Giron
• Arthur Giron and Edith Stein - William T. Gardner
• Edith Stein - Harry James Cargas
• Edith Stein: The Play - Arthur Giron
• Panel Discussion on Edith Stein
• A Martyr of Auschwitz - Susanne M. Batzdorff
• The Nazi as Modern "Tyran" - Kenneth L. Woodward
• Edith Stein and the Transformation of a Saint - Kenneth L. Woodward
• Events Surrounding the Life of Edith Stein - Rob Zellers
• Bibliography - Sister Mary Anne Brennan

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