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For the Sleepwalkers
Edward Hirsch

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Song Against Natural Selection
Apologia for Buzzards
• Dusk
• Poets, Children, Soldiers
• “Dance You Monster to My Soft Song!”
• A Valentine from Rimbaud
• Insomnia
• Cocks

• Now to Get Back to Chester
• Gerard de Nerval: Fairy Tale for a Whore
• At the Grave of Marianne Moore
• The Sweatshop Poem
• At Kesge’s Diner in Stonefalls, Arkansas
• Garbage
• Reminiscence of Carousels and Civil War
• Christopher Smart
• For the Sleepwalkers

• Prelude to Spring
• With Isaac Babel in Odessa
• Interlude During War: Paul Klee
• Still Life: An Argument
• Matisse
• The Enigma: Rilke
• Equinox
• Regret
• Dance of the Moon
• A Walk with Vallejo in Paris

• Little Political Poem
• Factories
• A Letter
• Walking the Upper West Side, with Lorca
• A True Account of the Fabulous Ascent of a Unicorn with a Retarded Girl in New York City Last Night
• Denial
• Nightsong: Ferris Wheel by the Sea
• The Acrobat
• Song

• Sonata
• A Chinese Vase
• Impressions: Monet
• The River Merchant: A Letter Home
• And So It Begins Again
• The Dark Sun: I. Proem: Early Morning, II. Parable of Wyverns, III. Cantata for a Dutch Elm, IV. Dusk: Elegy for the Dark Sun
• Transfigured Night, Come Down to Me, Slowly

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