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Victims of the Latest Dance Craze
Cornelius Eady

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Victims of the Latest Dance Craze
The Dance
• Miss Johnson Dances for the First Time
• The Dance of Eve
• April
• Aerial Ballet
• The Good Look
• Johnny Laces Up His Red Shoes
• Dance Poem
• Poet Dances with Inanimate Object
• Radio
• November
• The Lost Poem
• My Mother, If She Had Won Free Dance Lessons
• The Poetic Interpretation of the Twist
• Piano Concert
• Choreographing Your New House
• January
• The Robots
• Jack Johnson Does the Eagle Rock
• Waffle House Girl
• The Empty Dance Shoes
• Wallflowers
• Jazz Dancer
• The Woman Who Dances with God
• The Ballet Called John the Baptist
• Crows in a Strong Wind
• Seduction
• Dance at the Amherst County Public Library

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:10 -0500