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Colette Inez

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Refrain for My Sires
A Story
• I Describe My Parents Before They Know They Have Made Me Come True
• The Play of Lovers
• How Did They Recognize Autumn in the Dark of the City?
• The Telling
• Hybrid Song
• Orphanage Sisters
• Monday’s Children
• Friday at the Institute
• Last Trolley Stop, Brussels
• Found Child
• Mirror Story
• Journeys
• Royal Coaches Taking the Queen
• Blood Relations
• The Music Box
• It Didn’t Serve Us Right
• Old Woman Out of Iowa
• Dee’s Migraines
• Waves at Lakeside
• Grandmother and Child are Set to Listen on Sunday Nights
• The Return

• Oxford Meeting
• In Every Sense Corrective Ink Is Running Out
• Word Circuits, Solitary
• Ghazals for October
• Mother Song
• My Mother and Cartography
• Lady in the Stacks
• Thinking of My Parisian Mother’s Discretion (Only Her Confessor Knows) in Not Telling Her Sister or Hardly Anyone About My Birth
• The House of Dreams
• Second Visit
• Marthe’s Almanac
• Writing Letters to My Mother
• Hands
• Day Visitor, Susquehanna University
• My Mother’s Counsels
• A Fairy Tale Country of Palaces
• Reveries While Landing on the Coast
• My Father in the West
• My Father in a Garden
• My Priest Father’s Words
• My Father and the Lord of Null
• Dream Shore
• Clemency
• Valery Joins Me and My Newfound Cousin in Nerac
• In My Cousin’s Apartment, Paris 1994, Two Years After My Mother’s Death
• The Wig of Liliane
• A Place at the Table
• Gascon Voices

• Things Dream of Their Likenesses and Needs
• The Perseid Meteors of August
• August Atoms
• Maunderings at Lammastide
• Hard Muse
• Moth Dream of My Late Therapist
• In Praise of Outlines
• Encounter at the Jardins Botaniques
• In a Garden
• Teaching Junior High at Castle Hill
• Confounded Song
• Consolation of Blood and Irises
• Fire in the Prairie
• Transformations

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