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World as a Dictionary
Jesse Lee Kercheval

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Superstition Mountains, April
Love, a Dark, Untitled Comedy
• The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even
• I Am in My Body and My Body Is in Nebraska
• The Crisis Is the Body
• In My Story
• In the Garden with Green Chairs
• Ham and the Moon
• Night Dogs
• Death, a Second Trip by Sea
• Glimmerglass
• Last Poem
• In the Aftermath
• Ghosts
• The Stage as Bare as Possible

• Let the Body Do Its Own Work
• Life on Other Planets
• Your Wife, a Widow, Waits for You
• Three Months in Germany
• The Greed of Wanting Children
• For My Cowgirl Roommate, Lost to Time
• Before Flowers, Insects
• Blue House, Red Door
• Another Life
• You Are Born, Everything Changes
• Singing for Uncertain Singers
• Learning to Think like a Mountain
• Daughter Nearly Two
• Daughters with Their Horses
• World as Dictionary

• 1956
• Dreaming against a Backdrop
• Home Is Paris, 1959
• 5411 Kirkland Drive
• The Kindness of Strangers
• I Am Always Narrowness
• Falling to the Sound of My Mother’s Voice
• Time Becomes a Child, Sleeping
• Picture with No Frame
• Glass House
• The Children’s Book of Knowledge
• We Step Quietly
• In a Small City, Somewhere in the Past
• Things That Have Escaped Me
• Grief in Paris

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