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The Deepest Part of the River
Mekeel McBride

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• The Goldfish
Nocturne: Eating Stars
• Brother
• Wild Violets in a Gloveless Hand
• Singing Man With Bees
• The Clock Unlocks Its River of Chimes
• The Transparent Rose
• Fountain Pen Ink, Bottled
• A Resting Place for Birds
• I Want To Be a Ferris Wheel
• The Possession of Charlie Lark By an Orange Grove Chopped Down Years Ago
• Dog Harmonica
• What Follows
• The Secret Part of the Moon
• The Magenta Grove
• At the Black Water Egyptians Used as Ink to Draw Their Animal-Headed Gods
• The Nest
• Book of Water, Blue Snake, River
• If You Do Not Accept the Gift
• Zeitgeist
• End of the Century Beauty Salon• Station Wagon of Death
• The Way It Turned Out
• A Thing or Two That Might Be True
• A Book in the Pillow
• The Indoor Pool
• Morning
• One Time He Wanted To Be A Bird
• The Camouflaged Plane
• Love Poem to Pilgrim Avocado
• The Song That Came From a Throat of Glass
• Egg
• The Only Angel There Is
• How I Survive These Long Winters
• I Don’t Know How
• Kettle
• The Foxy Romaine Produce Box
• Fence
• The Letter
• Quiet Book
• The Snowy Owl
• Housewarming
• One Explanation for the Green Handkerchief
• The Truth About Why I Love Potatoes
• No Better Life Than This
• If That Boaty Pink Cadillac From 1959 With The Huge Fins
• Zero Gravity

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