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Wind of the White Dresses
Mekeel McBride

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• A Few Little Known Facts Concerning the Potato
• North, Late April
• The Miraculous Shrine of the Stairway Dime
• It Is Ordinary, I Am
• After Reading Your Poems
• Half-Tree Woman
• To the One Lost On The Other Side

• Why I No Longer Eat
• Not One Bird In This
• Dare
• All Hallow’s Eve
• Weather Report
• The Old Black Hat
• The Inside Story
• The Ghost That Every Night Gives Birth To
• The Clearing
• This War
• Interior Painted on a Blind Eye
• Window
• The Gift

• The Intention
• Death
• The Whole Weight of It
• Having Become Aware of Certain Things, I
• The Gate
• Lake Meadow Sky
• Good, I Said
• Returned Whole and Willing

• Why Some People Worship Potatoes
• The Angel in the Cereal Box
• Strauss and the Cows of Ireland
• My Friend, Lost to Me in the World, Returns in a Dream
• A Little Bit of Timely Advice
• In This Moment
• Some Kisses
• Dreaming Space Awake

• The Tree of Life
• Contents of a Breath About to be Exhaled as ‘I Love You’

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:10 -0500