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The Mother Goddess in Italian Renaissance Art
Edith Balas

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• List of Figures
• Introduction
• Chapter 1: The Mother Goddess in Antiquity and the Renaissance
• Chapter 2: The Mother Goddess in Botticelli’s
Chapter 3: Cybele and Her Cult in Andrea Mantegna’s The Triumph of Caesar and The Triumph of Scipio
Chapter 4: Michelangelo: The Mother Goddess as Heaven and Earth
• Chapter 5: Further Instances of the Mother Goddess in Italian Renaissance Art
• Select Bibliography
• Appendix 1: Ancient Sources for the Myth and Cult of the Mother Goddess
• Appendix 2: Boccaccio and Cartari on the Mother Goddess
• Index

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:10 -0500