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Various Orbits
Thom Ward

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Wreckage
• Night Game
• According to the Crippled Angel
• Cities Built Around Branches Built Around Flesh
• Seneca
• Ontario
• Saranac
• Wherever the Wander Leads
• Cycling Through Taylor's Basin
• Third Night in San Francisco
• Vitamins or Nautilus
• Having Evolved from Grass
• Now That You've Anchored

• Moonfabulousmoonfib
• We Cannot Buy Cliffs Notes
• Joseph and the Boss
• Poof
• Viagra Falls
• After Decades of Silence, Toilet Speaks
• The Ineffable
• Poem Without a Freight Train or a Pocket Watch
• What'll It be Tonight, the Heart or the Fist?
• Poetry Is a Game of Managing Your Mistakes
• Do Something Useful
• When We Lie Down Beneath Vanilla Wood
• Having Evolved from Stones
• Such Family, Such Yule

• Unfazed by Velocities or Agendas
• Questions for Prufrock
• What Happens Without Fanfare
• Harvest Festival, Tahaughnik, New York
• Cross-Country, Gershwin, Pizza
• Though Monarchs Exploit the Disparity Among Us
• American Fragment
• August Evening, Bright Hill Farm
• When the Mother of the Bride Is Dying
• At the Department of Motor Vehicles
• Cheesehead
• Little Poem That Won't Go Away
• The Bible on the Counter in Pat Verrazano's Paint Shop
• For Barbie, Who, After Much Vodka, to Celebrate Her Birthday, Spent the Night with Her Sister
• A Brief Epistle to Those Who Worked These Fields and Are Now Long Dead
• Inquiries and Meanderings: Almost a Love Poem
• Enough

• Dedications

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