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Prague Winter
Richard Katrovas

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• 1989
• The Bridge of Intellectuals
"Socialism with a Human Face"
• After Frank Zappa's Visit to the Castle
• St. Vitus
• Weekend
• The Book of Complaints

• Rehab
• The Dog
• The Car, the House
• Saint Roch
• Second Marriage

• Love Poem for an Enemy
• The Boxers Embrace
• When Someday the President-Elect of the United States Requests That I Compose and Recite a Poem for Her Inauguration, I Shall Stand at the Podium and Speak the Following:
• Elegy for Robert L. Jones
• On the Day After Allen Ginsberg's Death Someone Thinks of Me
• The Comfort Inn

• The Letters
• Meluzina
• Elegy for Miroslav Holub
• In Memory of Miroslav Prochazka, Scholar of Czech Literature
• Libuse
• Germans in the Pool
• An American Lawyer in Olomouc
• Tick
• Prague Winter

• The Art of Teaching
• The Tennessee Williams Literary Festival
• My Best Lesbian Friend
• Movie Critics
• Pariah
• The Art of Revenge
• If I Were a Jew
• The Gossip
• The Cumulative Weight of Despair
• Rich People Slumming in Academe
• As When Someone with Long Beautiful Hair Turns Around
• George W. Bush Was Very Nice to Me
• Each Customer in an Odious Task
• In America They Would Get Shot
• The Slovaks
• Ordinary Czechs Singing on TV
• There's No Tragic Weather Here
• The Liberal Arts
• The Super Rich Are an Oppressed Minority
• Two Fellows Only a Little Swarthier Than I
• A Brief History of Your Conception

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