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The Chronic Liar Buys a Canary
Elizabeth Edwards

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Rewinding Dorothy
On the Train from Boston to DC in Dead Winter
• Los Angeles Blackout
• A Family Scatters Ashes over the Piscataqua Memorial Bridge in December
• The Chronic Liar Buys a Canary
• Hernando County Chain Gang, Central Florida
• Yard Sale, 7 Dennett Road:
A Visit to the Menagerie
The Glass Alligator
• At the Crawford County Fair

• Angelfish Sonnet
• Cora Chasing Pigeons in Prescott Park, Sept. 13, 2001
• Dia de los Muertos: Dawn at Seapoint Beach
• The Art Forger's Pentimenti
• Unfinished Chapters
• Sunset at Frick Park: The Dream of a Curveball
• Walking Back to Your Place after the Argument
• Lunar Eclipse
• On the House
• Fever adn a List of Snow Cancellations
• Buying Makeup
• "Unidentified Boy by the Monongahela River: Circa 1917" •

• The Propman and the Angel
• Walking Home Hungry after Church
• Jesus in the Garden of Earthly Delights
• Selling Computers over the Phone
• Empire State Building with First Husband
• Arranged Marriage, Georgia, 1838
• It's Sort of Like This
• Lindow Man
• Clarity
• Sleeplessness and the March of Civilization

• Laura, 5th Grade
• The Name of the Game
• Mise en Scene
• Manipulators of Light
• Perspectives
• Hammer
• Nail
• After Grandmother's Funeral
• Psych 101 Halloween Field Trip, Western Psychiatric Institute of Pittsburgh

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