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Fallen From a Chariot
Kevin Prufer

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Fallen from a Chariot
A Car Has Fallen from a Bridge
• For the Dead: Car Crash
• An Angel
• An Ambulance
• Tired Old Men Asleep in Their Chairs
• "They Shall Be Left to Fall as They Are Inclined by Their Own Weight"
• Air Disaster Over Kansas
• Dissected Bird

• My Life with Caesar
• The Rise of Rome
• Poor Hannibal of Carthage
• The Historian's Prayer to the Deified Augustus
• The Death of Augustus
• Caligula, Clairvoyant
• Caligula on Death
• Claudius Adrift
• Beautiful Nero
• Roman Economics
• Lives of the Later Caesars
• The Fall of the Roman Empire
• Ode to Rome
• Goodbye to the City, We Have No Other

• Youth and the Lie That Goes with It
• Poem for My Mother at Her Age
• Narcissistic Elegy
• In the End the Doorbells Stop
• Old Woman
• The Dead in Their Boats
• Burial at Sea
• A Gull in the Water
• Questions for the Drowned at Sea
• Lily
• About the Dead

• The Empire in the Air
• The Empire Was Falling
• Prayer
• For the Dead: Unveiling
• Final Instructions
• The Gladiator
• Underground Mausoleum
• Lemure
• Who Are Our Barbarians?
• Apocalyptic Prayer
• I Was the Last Man on Earth

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