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After West
James Harms

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Pisgah Church Cemetery
On Beauty and West Virginia at the Blue Moose Cafe
• Your Favorite Things
• Held Down
• Breakfast in West Virginia
• Like Mercury, the Monongahela
• Comedy: Morgantown, West Virginia
• Nothing New but Everything
• Tribe and Country
• Landscape as the Latest Diet (Southern California)
• If I Could Break Down Anywhere It Would Be Halfway to Todos Santos
• Mountaintop Removal, Wallace Stevens, My Son Walt, West Virginia
• She Said
• Elegy by Frank Gehry

• After West

• Love Poem by Frank Gehry
• A Friday at the End of August
• As If
• Our Fathers
• Knowing You Were Loved
• Days
• Phoebe at Daybreak
• When Dean Left West Virginia
• Spring in Lincoln Park, 1910
• February
• Isn't That Enough
• An Accordion in Autumn
• For Ashes, For Letting Go
• Everything is Given to Be Taken Away
• If Afternoon
• The Difficult Science of Separation
• My Dream of Bob Marley

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