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We Weep for Our Strangeness
Dennis Schmitz

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Eclogues
Eclogues II
• Eclogues III

• Before the Coming of Winter
• The Fishing
• The Heavy Ribs
• There Is No Sound
• It Is the Key
• The Wounded Doe
• If I Could Meet God
• The Rabbit Leaves
• For an Unknown Hunter
• Samuel Glen, 14: Found in Our Woods in Spring

• Poem for My Birthday
• A Man Comes to the Middle
• Georgic: In the Manner of Virgil's Advice, the Charges of the Season Dispelled, the Cycles Defined
• Georgic: In the Manner of Virgil Beginning with an Admonition on
• (3) Poems Done in the Ancient Manner Beginning with the Spurious Fragment "After the Battle"
• The Death of Shelley
• Glacier
• Vietnam
• Poem that I Might Survive the Winter
• The Summers Sun

• Self-Portrait
• It Is Here Inside Me
• The Roots
• Virgil: Georgics, Book IV
• Isolation at an Early Long Island Party
• The Pain of Forever Blossoming
• The Stranger in the Woods
• The Rescue

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