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Brancusi and His World
Edith Balas

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• List of Figures
• Preface by David Lewis

• CHAPTER 1: Folk Art and Early Modernism in Paris
• CHAPTER 2: The Sculpture of Brancusi in the Light of His Romanian Heritage
• CHAPTER 3: The Myth of African Art in Brancusi’s Sculpture
• CHAPTER 4: Object-Sculpture, Base, and Assemblage in the Art of Constantin Brancusi
• CHAPTER 5: Brancusi, Duchamp, and Dada
• CHAPTER 6: Brancusi and Bartok: A Parallel
• CHAPTER 7: Brancusi and the Ballets Russes
• CHAPTER 8: Modigliani and Brancusi
• CHAPTER 9: The Unbuilt Architecture of the Early Modern Sculptors
• CHAPTER 10: Body Image in the Art of Constantin Brancusi
• CHAPTER 11: The Legacy of Brancusi for the Twenty-First Century

• Index

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