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Divine Margins
Peter Cooley

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Television
Triptych: Center Panel Always Still Unfinished
• The Rapture
• Little Quartet for My Father
• Blue Ring
• Little Quartet for My Mother
• First Birthday Letter to the Dead
• Second Birthday Letter to the Dead •Underwear; My Conception; The Salvation Army
• For My Dead Father on Father's Day
• Letters from the Dead
• The Place of an Aubade

• Writing Toward the Resurrection of Christ's Body at the Beginning of the Third Millennium
• Among Clerks and Customers
• Death of the Author
• Introduction to Art History
• Failed Sonnet
• Another of My Poems about the Body
• Diptych •Emmaus Mornings
• First Light Meditation
• All My Tests Negative
• The Annunciation

• Naming-the-Animals-Moments

• Proem
• Proem Two: Almost Posthumous Poem
• Proem Three: All My Poems Are Aubades
• Azaleas
• To My Mother and Father
• The Watchers
• The One Certain Thing
• Adam Naming
• Afterwords
• Museum of the Moment
• The Leaves; The Animals; The Sky Unseen
• To the Morning Trees
• Correspondences
• To a Departed Savior

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