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No Cartoon Left Behind
The Best of Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Foreword by Dave Barry
• Snoopy Forger — The Early Years
• I Was a Teenage McGovernik — I've Never Been to Nam But I've Been to Oklahoma
• Top Ten Reasons I Didn't Go into Medicine — One Child Left Behind
• Where Do You Get Your Ideas? — No, They Don't Sell Them on eBay
• Cartoonists are from Mars and Editors are from Venus — Can't We All Just Get Along?

• Where's the Beef? — Fear and drawing on the Campaign Trail
• Draw One for the Gipper — Bedtime for Ronzo
• The Spy Who Came In from the Cold — Let's Get New-Ya-ler
• We Are the World — Don't Make Me Come Over There!
• Sketch my Lips — Wouldn't Be Prudent Not to Draw George H.W. Bush
• Why Johnny Can't Read Good — America's Dunce Cap
• It's the Economy, Stupid! — Raising the Minimum Rage
• Bubba's in the House — An Affair to Remember
• Angry White Males — We're Tired of Being Oppressed
• Women on the Verge — The Myth of Equal Rights
• Sick Cartoons — Turn Your Head and Laugh
• A Cartoonist Takes Up Smoking — I Can Quit Anytime
• What Would Jesus Drive? — It's Not Easy Tooning Green
• Pop Goes the Culture — Tabloid Gag Writing
• Don't Shoot, I'm Just the Cartoonist — Guns Drawn
• Land of the White, Home of the Straight — Discriminating Cartoons
• Sacred Cow Tipping — Holy Sacrilege, Batman!
• Is It OK to Laugh? — Post 9/11 Ink
• The Ears Have It — How to Draw George W. Bush without Ending Up in Guantanamo
• No Cartoon Left Behind — Actually, I have More in the Basement

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