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Knock Knock
Heather Hartley

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• This is a fugue for the lost art of aching.
Artichoke Horoscope
• The Karma Club
• Knock Knock
• Full Pleather Moon
• Drip
• Nudes in a New England Barn
• To My One Love's Letter
• Advice for the Hirsute

• New Year's in Napoli: Twenty-four Resolutions and Curses
• The Cardboard Confidante of the Camorra
• The Madonnas of Montepertuso
• Elegy for Napoli
• This heart was made for stomping—think twice, yous too.
• The Amazing Madame Barba of Montepertuso
• Partner, my partner

• The Sorceress of the Russian Sauna
• Sleeping with
War and Peace
• Our Lady of the Russian Baths
• Rhapsody in Blue in Front of a Statue of Alexander Pushkin
• The
Prix-fixe in Petersburg

• Epilogue in a City Garden
• The Flying Machine, or Elegy for the Twentieth Century
• La Bete humaine
• Broad Strokes in a Wine Bar
• Pledge
• The Bibliotheque nationale
• Soiree with Shark Suicide
• The Seventh Art in the Sanatorium

• Rapunzel on an Ironing Board
• In a Train Tunnel
• Director of the Feast
• Decoupage and the Dark Experiment
• For Death and the Maiden
• Epithalamium
• Postcard Home
• Postscript by a Park Bench
• Sweet Woodruff

• Elegy in India Ink

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