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Nancy Eimers

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Grassland
• Future Parking Lot
• Infant Sight, or Thirty-four Lines Set Adrift
• Long Gone Conversation about Cancer
• Derby Winner Clings to Chances for Recovery
• Trapped Miners 'May Not Be Found'
• Couplets: On a Mowed Lawn
• September Rain
• Pelicans, in a Time of War
• Crawl Key Wind
• Glacier

• All the Toys Are Vanishing
• The Cold War Special: Tin Litho Dollhouse with Bomb Shelter, 1962
• Flicker
• How We Thought about Toys
• Letter from Mrs. Graham Greene to Her Husband 62 Years after the Blitz
• El Rancho: '50s Subdivision, Phoenix, Arizona
• Bird Nests over the Gates to Terezin
• The Pinwheel in Our Neighbors' Flowerbed

• The Small Hours
• Confession of a Luddite
• Scalp
• Book of Invisible Things
• Julie's Mouth
• Y at the End of It
• Fifth of July
• My Parents Contemplate Moving a Last Time
• Address to a Stack of My Journals
• Lost Continent
• Afterlives
• On Not Talking Politics with My Sister
• White-throated Sparrow
• To a Friend Whose Mother May Be Dying
• You Are Hereby Notified
• Reading the Ice

• Notes

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