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The Politics
Benjamin Paloff

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Maimonides on What Is Meant by "Vision"
School of Titian
• For My Mafia Uncles
• Crush Syndrome
• Island of Stability
• Maimonides on the Indestructibility of the Universe
• Maimonides on Scriptural Passages with Seemingly Purposeless Contents
• Diptych of the Annunciation, Left Panel
• Diptych of the Annunciation, Right Panel

• For Hypatia, When the Detainee is Pretty
• Seneca on the Lesson to be Drawn from the Burning of Lyon
• For Archilochus, Because Sometimes the Poet is a Hitman
• Philo on the Indestructibility of the Universe
• Philo on the Confusion of Tongues
• For Fillide Melandroni, Who Lacks Virtue
• Seneca on the Brevity of Life
• Seneca on Suicide
• Seneca on Providence

• Seneca on the Soul, Which Shines with a Good All Its Own
• Philo on Providence
• Museum of Comparative Zoology
• Philo on Fighting and Finding
• Seneca on the Natural Fear of Death
• Xenophon on How to be a Good Cavalry Commander
• Mechanical Turk
• Seneca on the Futility of Planning Ahead
• Seneca on the Happy Life
• On the Death of Tomaz Salamun

• ". . . I should not think it worth while to apologize for my subject if I regarded myself as one of its failures . . ."
• ". . . a chess player may offer the sacrifice of a pawn or even a piece, but a mathematician offers the game . . ."
• ". . . 'immortality' may be a silly word, but probably a mathematician has the best chance of whatever it may mean . . ."
• ". . . I must not seem to claim a dialectical triumph over a man who cannot contradict me . . ."

• Seneca on Immortality
• Seneca on Friendship
• Seneca on Crowds
• Seneca on Clemency
• Seneca on Banishment
• Seneca on Anger
• Seneca on Tranquility of Mind

• The Poem is a Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Object
• Valerius Maximus on Wonders
• Valerius Maximus on Prodigies
• The Four Great Inventions of Ancient China
• The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg •

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