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Approaching Deliberative Democracy
Theory and Practice
Robert Cavalier, ed.

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Introduction: The Conversational Turn in Political Philosophy - Robert Cavalier
James M. Buchanan, John Rawls, and Democratic Governance - S.M. Amadae
• From Citizen to Consumer and Back Again: Deliberative Democracy and the Challenge of Interdependence - Benjamin Barber
• Deliberation, but Voting Too - Gerry Mackie
• Learning Democratic Communication through "Deliberative Polling" - Christian List and Anne Sliwka
• The Promises and Challenges of Deliberative Democracy in Practice: A Comparative Case Study of Two School Districts - Julie Marsh
• Building Trust through Inclusion: Reflections on the Practice of Deliberative Democracy - Gregory J. Crowley
• Deliberative Polling in Pennsylvania: From Student Senate to State Senate - Michael Bridges and Joanna Dickert with Jayna Bonfini
• Citizens Deliberating Online: Theory and Some Evidence - Vincent Price
• Deliberative e-Democracy - Robert Cavalier

• CONTRIBUTORS: S.M. Amadae, Benjamin R. Barber, Mike Bridges, Joanna Dickert, Jayna Bonfini, Gregory J. Crowley, Christian List, Gerry Mackie, Julie Marsh, Vincent Price

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:10 -0500