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Anne Marie Rooney

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Instructions for wooing me (monster that I am)
• Flower Sonnet
• Life on the mean
• Grudge Pastoral
• Dirty Story
• Domestic
• Hasp Pastoral
• Face Sonnet
• I did a series in a very hot August
• About the neck
• What the heart is
• Domestic
• The
No Reward Sestinas
• Tripod Sonnet
• Elegy in which the film degrades
• Letter to a lampshade
• Elegy in which I sleep restfully
• Flight Sonnet
• Shiner
• End Sonnet
• Last Evening: index of first lines
• After it
• Elegy in which I am not whisked away
• What my heart is doing
• Sabbath for a dry season
• Lake Sonnet
• What my heart is turning
• Wedding song for the light under the door
• Where my heart is going
• Story with red heels in its mouth
• Notes

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:10 -0500