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At the Autopsy of Vaslav Nijinsky
Bridget Lowe

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Poem for Virginia as Joan of Arc
Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and Wife, Posing with Scientific Instruments Just Before He Is Beheaded
• In My Study of Hysteria
• The Wild Boy of Aveyron Stands Up During a Dinner Arranged by the Doctor
• The Forgotten Actress as Contestant on
Dancing with the Stars
The Forgotten Actress as Isadora Duncan in Russia
• Pygmalion
• Animal Facing Left, a Sketch of the Wild Boy of Aveyron
• The Pilgrim Is Bridled and Bespectacled
• At the Autopsy of Vaslav Nijinsky
• Portrait of Young Suburban Male as the Wild Boy of Aveyron
• State Line
• Saint John in the Wilderness
• Leitmotif
• Vaslav Nijinsky in 1919
• Anti-Pastoral
• The Forgotten Actress Heckles an Important Man at an Awards Dinner in L.A.
• First Key Moments in the Construction of the Master Narrative
• The Gods Rush In Like Police
• The Pilgrim Looks at the World from Above
• The Nihilist Takes a Bow
• The Doctor, Drunk, Gives the Wild Boy of Aveyron Advice on Women and Sex
• Saint John in the Wilderness, ii
• Whatever You Thought Your Body to Be
• God Is a Mathematician and in My Dreams
• Proof
• Heaven
• Eat Not the Heart, Neither the Brain
• Achilles and Penthesilea
• You Come Back to Me as This Feeling from Childhood
• The Pilgrim on the Shore
• Poem for Virginia in Ecstasy
• Blue and Red Ink Picture by Nijinsky in the Asylum
• Prayer
• The Forgotten Actress Dressed as Catwoman Alone in Her Room
• A Washerwoman’s Account, Aveyron, 1799
• Her Plea: Immortality as It Was Promised Her
• I Am a Receptionist Who Is Not Afraid of Death
• Folk Song from the Region of Aveyron
• How the Pilgrim was Transformed
• Notes

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