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Psalms of All My Days
Patrice de La Tour du Pin; Jennifer Grotz, trans.

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• Translator’s Introduction
• September’s Children
• Legend
• Laurence Sleeping
• Psalm 1
“With his head between his legs and hands joined”
• Psalm 2
“Must we call it pride, this ambition to make a world”
• Psalm 3
“And now my neglected senses devour me”
• Psalm 4
“Because I sing sometimes of angels”
• Psalm 5
“He stole a bit of my soul from its usual lords”
• Psalm 6
“Then I came to dream of writing”
• Psalm 7
“The poet in love with Christ said to those who would listen”
• Psalm 8
“I would like to attain the gentleness of souls”
Psalm 9 “I spent some of my time trying to save an animal . . .”
• Psalm 10
“I am no longer the fox hunting in the meadow”
• Psalm 11
“When your light hurts, it’s hell, it’s fire”
• Psalm 12
“They accuse me of being a wanderer”
• Psalm 13
“It stirred, the heart of my human heart!”
• Psalm 14
“So you claim to speak of the tragedy within you?”
• Psalm 16
“Will he not take part in the choir because his flesh controls him”
• Psalm 17
“It’s not just under my feet, the earth”
• Psalm 18
“Because I take refuge far from the wuthering surface”
• Psalm 20
“When you appease my heart, I’ve nothing left to say”
• Psalm 21
“When they hear me sing my stubble fields, my little hills”
• Psalm 22
“In my sky there are stars invisible to the naked eye”
Psalm 23 “Faraway seas have never seen my face”
• Psalm 24
“I’ve always felt something like a weight just beneath my awareness”
• Psalm 25
“You allotted me too much happiness, my God”
• Psalm 26
“They read me and then ask themselves”
• Psalm 29
“If you have lost your way, come over to my path”
• Psalm 30
“Here, and without placing the final stone”
• Psalm 31
“The one who wanted to understand too much”
• Psalm 32
“Don’t I have a right, Lord, to the seasons?”
• Psalm 33
“You make a drought in me, you depopulate me, you leave me”
• Psalm 35
“My most profound desire: to speak of you”
• Psalm 36
“My demon has turned surly again”
• Psalm 37
“Dawn! . . . and spring’s first touch on naked winter”
• Psalm 41
“My God, I know only my debt”
• Psalm 42
“You didn’t tell me it wold be so terrible”
• Psalm 45
“Not only my words, it’s me you expect”
• Psalm 52
(”to the one who waits for me as I exit the desert”)
Psalm 56 (”to the one who waits for my return”)
• Psalm 58
“Like a sailor who cries out: land!”
• Psalm 82
“Here I am: give me what I need to live”
• Psalm 88
“In hiding where you prepare each thing”
• Psalm 90
“Turned toward you, I expose my burden”

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