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The Spokes of Venus
Rebecca Morgan Frank

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• I
• The Art of Reading
• The Spokes of Venus
• What is Left Here
• Caught
• Way to Sketch
• Perfumier on the Comeback of the Scented Glove
• with the Artist
• Ministry of Ostriches
• Sogetto Cavato
• Conversations with the Artist
• How to Judge a Picture
• “Landscape is my Pleasure”
• On the Symbolism of the Lamb
• Bird and Stars
• Drawing
• a Picasso
• Magic with Cards
• Up Mother Brown!
• What Every Pianist Needs to Know about the Body
• Elsewhere
• On Making
• II
• How to Look at Pictures
• After
• The Chief of Staff
• Morpheus, from the Wall
• Objects are Softer Than They Appear
• The Morning of the Poem
• Abstract
• Gallery Night
• The Artist at the Residency
• Conversations with the Artist
• How to Build a Rocket
• There’s No Ornament Like a Menagerie
• Derby Days
• Retrospective
• “He Was a Good Man”
• Notes for the Eye (of Head of a Woman)
• The Artist’s Ode to And Per Se And
• The Most Commonly Asked Question about the Glass Flowers
• The Piece Need Not Be Built
• Installation by Sea: Body Navigations
• Installation in City: Intersections of Bodies
• Installations in Interiors: Café Melange
• Nephelokokkugia

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