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Adult Swim
Heather Hartley

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• I
• When all your friends are sea urchins
• Breakfast
• “Everything tastes better with bacon”
• Some Benefits of Chewing
• Patrician Pleasures
• The Haberdashery of the Missing E
• That baby with a top hat & cigar
• Toward Some Leaning Near the Radio & Those Waves
• To a Friend in a Strange City
• If you can read this
• II
• Pool Rules
• the King’s Party
• This Was Where It Was
• On Several Desires & Entreaties At Once
• Ode to My Right Tennis Shoe in Montparnasse
• Dear Vallejo
• Jules & moi
• Lifting Spoons
• I remember driftwood
• What I liked best was the log flume &—
• Fragments for a Surgeon
• This Was Paris, France, And This Then Was Now
• Here, Even the Dogs Smoke
• Give Me Your Hand
• In the Salon of Madame Miklós Radnóti
• “I was a girl in Hungary”
• On a One-Way Street in Debrecen
• IV
• You, unusual among fish, live in no aquaria
• Caffè Ristretto, with Amnesia
• Every time you leave, the basil plant dies
• Nine Lives in Ten or Eleven Lines
• The Vesuvius, envious
• Chaos Is a Verb Here
• V
• Who Will Provide Me With A Copious Fountain
• Toward That Sweet Nest Where I Remained, Though Parting
• Ah, At Least Delay By An Hour Or Two Your Going Forth
• I Do Not Envy You, O Holy Angels
• Those Stars Whose Light Has Been So Impressed
• And Just As You Take Solace
• To Course Across More Kindly Waters Now
• While In My Heart, I Feel the Sweetness Of It Yet
• Syrenka

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