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Rowing with Wings
James Harms

Carnegie Mellon University Press


• After Surrender
Phoebe at 8
• After Surrender

Where is My Tree House?
Other Summers
Ever Always
When I First Met Your Mother
• Auden in Winter (by Avedon)

Maria’s Little Elbows
• The Goodbye Train
We Fell Into the Sky
Apology Access
• Umbrella

The Goodbye Train
• Koufax/Clemente

Daedalus Beach
Auden in Winter
• three
• Good Day
The Only Lie Worth Telling
The New Moon Economy
Divorce Dream
The Werewolves of Our Youth
A Good Day
Is He Our Half-Brother, Phoebe Asked, to Which Walt Raised His Right Hand and Said, He’s Too Whole to Be Half of Anything
Kennedy Wins West Virginia!
Accidental Bohemian
Auden in Winter
Grownups Getting Drunk
• four
• Accidental Happiness
The Gods
Like Light
Aubade (Lisa Lisa Lisa)
Rowing with Wings
Never in Winter
A Morning Milkshake
From My Lips • Accidental Happiness (Auden in Winter)

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