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The Burning Horse
The Japanese-American Experience in the Yakima Valley 1920-1942
Thomas Heuterman

Eastern Washington University Press


• Introduction

• Chapter I: Burning Horse
Chapter II: "An Insoluble Lump in the Melting Pot": 1920
• Chapter III: "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty": 1921
• Chapter IV: The "Insidious Propaganda" of 1922
• Chapter V: Wapato, the Lexington of 1923
• Chapter VI: "Not Race Prejudice, But Race Preservation": 1924-1925
• Chapter VII: "Wapato Wins a Pennant!": The Socialization of 1920-41
• Chapter VIII: "We Have the Same Rights as Other Citizens": The 1930s
• Chapter IX: "We Have Done Our Part to Keep Our Country Under the Stars and Stripes": 1941-1942

• Epilogue
• Appendix
• Bibliography
• Index

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