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Beyond Popcorn
A Critic's Guide to Looking at Film
Robert Glatzer

Eastern Washington University Press


• Introduction
Chapter 1: How a Critic's Brain Works
• Chapter 2: The Difference Between Acting and Acting in Films
• Chapter 3: Deciding Where the Camera Goes
• Chapter 4: The Essence of Style
• Chapter 5: Why We Cry at the Movies
• Chapter 6: What We Learn from Buster Keaton
• Chapter 7: Why 'The Commitments' is the Second Best Movie Musical of All Time
• Chapter 8: Is It Just the Language Barrier, or Are Foreign Films Really Better?
• Chapter 9: What All the Other Oscars Are About
• Chapter 10: All You'll Ever Need to Know about Credits
• Chapter 11: The Greatest Film
• Chapter 12: A List of All the Films You Have to See Before You Die
• Epilogue: The Ten-Minute Movei Maven
• Appendix: Where to Find All the Films
• Index of Films

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