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Six Girls without Pants
Paisley Rekdal

Eastern Washington University Press


• Stupid
What was There to Bring me to Delight But to Love and Be Loved?
Scientific American and St. Theresa: Ecstasy
• Parable
• Anniversary Song
• 25% Pressure
• Caravaggio, My Left Breast and the Time My Mother Took a Wrong Turn in Search of a Children's Halloween Party
• Six Girls Without Pants
• Finisher
• Wood/Cut: Two Japanese Prints
• Death and the Maiden
• Epithalamium: Excerpts from the myth of Atalanta and Hippomenes, based on the drawings and tapestry painting by Noel Halle
• In the Beginning
• Resume: Atalanta
Hippomenes and Atalanta: Negatives
• fig. 8 study of atalanta and hippomenes' left arm
• A Love Story: Atalanta Meets Meleager
• fig. 4 cupid statue on pedestal, upper right hand corner, far right section of painting
• Recoveries
• Hippomenes Longs for Her
• A Commission
• fig. 2 study of a dog, circa 1765, black chalk drawing, finished as a lower far left-hand corner of painting
• Race: A Medley
• fig. 23 woods and turbaned head of girl not watching race, middle section of right panel
• A Metamorphosis
• "I was a Teen Geek, Now I Dress Like a Complete Freak": Cross-Dresser on the Venus Hour Show
• fig. 16 woman's big toe, lower right section of painting's center
• The End
• The Critic

• Notes

• Acknowledgments

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