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A Condition of the Spirit
The Life and Work of Larry Levis
Christopher Buckley, Alexander Long

Eastern Washington University Press


Introduction - Christopher Buckley and Alexander Long
• Eggshell - Gerald Stern

• Larry Levis - Philip Levine
• Larry Levis and the First-Time, One Time, Irvine Manuscript Day - Charles Wright
• Levis, Larry (Patrick) - Diane Wakoski
• Larry Levis in Syracuse - Stephen Dunn
• Gifts and Remembrances - B.H. Boston
• What's Wrong With This Picture - Marcia Southwick
• After the Obsession with Some Beloved Figure: An Interview with Larry Levis - Leslie Kelen
• Turned Into Paper: A Memory of Larry Levis and Re-reading of "Sensationalism" - Kathy Fagan
• Looking Up - Jim Zola
• "Back Then" Reading the Poems of Larry Levis - Nancy Eimers
• Larry Levis's "Spots of Time" - Gary Short
• The Good Ship Larry - Gerald Costanzo
• But We Have the Books - Ed Ochester
• Elegy To Elegy - Doren Robbins
• An Afterword - David St. John
• Larry Levis - Peter Everwine

• A Divinity In Its Fraying Fact - Larry Levis
• Philip Levine - Larry Levis
• Larry Levis & Walter Bargen: A Conversation - Walter Bargen
• War as Parable and War as Fact: Herbert and Forche - Larry Levis
• The Anatomy of Saturday Night - Larry Levis
• Review of Four Young Poets for New Letters - Larry Levis
• Introduction to Kevin Hearle's, Each Thing We Know Is Changed Because We Know It - Larry Levis
• Not Life So Proud To Be Life: Snodgrass, Rothenberg, Bell, and the Counter-Revolution - Larry Levis
• Waiting For the End of the World: Snodgrass and The Fuhrer Bunker - Larry Levis
• Two Letters to The Reaper - Larry Levis
• Poems That Mean? Poems That Are?: Larry Levis at Warren Wilson College...January, 1993 - Larry Levis
• Roll Call: The Many Lives of Larry Levis - Robyn Selman
• An Interview with Larry Levis - Michael White

• Larry Levis: Johnny Dominguez, A Letter - Dave Smith
• Elegy: Larry Levis—An Appreciation - Christopher Buckley
• The Unweary Poet - Jack Anderson
• from "Experienced Bards" - Stephen Sandy
• The Condition of Grief - Derek McKown
• Winter Stars - Publishers Weekly
• Larry Levis's Translations of Kijima Hajime - Alexander Long
• from "Three Mannerists" - Tony Whedon
• from "Blessings and Rain" - Peter Stitt
• The Lost Prose Poems of Larry Levis - Christopher Buckley
• Black Freckles - Publishers Weekly
• Image & History in the Poems of Larry Levis - Alexander Long
• What Does It Mean, American? The Poetry of Larry Levis - Robert Dana
• Heart In the Presence of Oblivion: Larry Levis's The Widening Spell of the Leaves - Sheila Bender
• The Margin as Frontier: The Widening Spell of the Line - Ellen Smith
• The Widening Spell of the Leaves - James Harms
• Democratic Growth in "The Widening Spell of the Leaves" - Fred Dings
• Beautiful Polarities - Nance Van Winckel
• #10 Overlooked Poet, Larry Levis - Alan DeNiro
• from "Survivalist Selves" - David Wojahn
• Elegy - Jacqueline Osherow
• Elegy - Eliot Wilson
• The Poem as Johnny Dominguez - William Olsen
• Elegy - Paul Zimmer
• Suite: Larry Levis - J. Randy Marshall
• Three Silent Diamonds - Eric Gudas
• Flight and Arrival - Tony Hoagland
• On the End of Romantic Authority in Larry Levis's Elegy - M.L. Williams
• from "Where The Boys Are" - Sandra M. Gilbert
• A Whitman Manque for the Twenty-first Century: On The Selected Levis - David Kirby
• The Wish to Be Swept Clean: The Poetry of Larry Levis - D.W. Fenza
• A Quiet Genius: The Selected Levis - M.L. Schuldt
• To Recover the Poet: Larry Levis's Elegy, The Selected Levis, and The Gazer Within - Edward Byrne
• Reading Larry Levis—The Selected Levis - David Young

• Piazza Navona - Larry Levis
• Index
• Acknowledgments
• Contributors

• CONTRIBUTORS: Jack Anderson, Walter Bargen, Sheila Bender, B.H. Boston, Christopher Buckley, Edward Byrne, Gerald Costanzo, Robert Dana, Alan DeNiro, Fred Dings, Stephen Dunn, Nancy Eimers, Peter Everwine, Kathy Fagan, D.W. Fenza, Sandra M. Gilbert, Eric Gudas, James Harms, Tony Hoagland, Leslie Kelen, David Kirby, Philip Levine, Larry Patrick Levis, Alexander Long, J. Randy Marshall, Dereck McKown, Ed Ochester, Bill Olsen, Jacqueline Osherow, Doren Robbins, David St. John, Stephen Sandy, M. L. Schuldt, Robyn Selman, Gary Short, Dave Smith, Ellen Smith, Marcia Southwick, Gerald Stern, Peter Stitt, Nance Van Winckel, Diane Wakoski, Tony Whedon, Michael White, Eliot Wilson, M.L. Williams, David Wojahn, Charles Wright, David Young, Paul Zimmer, Jim Zola

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