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Harbor & Home
Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts, 1710–1850
Brock Jobe, Gary R. Sullivan, Jack O’Brien

University Press of New England


• Foreword – Leslie Greene Bowman
• Preface – Brock Jobe
• Acknowledgments
• Author's Note
• An Introduction to Southeastern Massachusetts and Its Furniture – Brock Jobe
• Shaped by the Sea: Cabinetmaking in Southeastern Massachusetts – Jack O'Brien and Derin Bray
• Clockmaking in Southeastern Massachusetts: The Bailey Family of Hanover – Gary R. Sulllivan
• CATALOGUE – Brock Jobe, Gary R. Sullivan, Jack O'Brien, Derin Bray, Dennis Carr, Karin Goldstein, Forbes Maner, Nicholas S. Schonberger, Laura Simo, Martha Willoughby
• APPENDIX: Southeastern Cabinetmakers and Clockmakers: 1710–1850 – Gary R. Sullivan
• Notes
• Selected Bibliography
• Index

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