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Five T'ang Poets
Wang Wei; David Young, trans.; David Young, intro.

Oberlin College Press


• Introduction
• A Spring Day at the Farm
• Watching the Hunt
• To Secretary Su
• Autumn Evening in the Mountains
• Walking in Mountains in the Rain
• Late Spring: Mr. Yen and His Friends Come to Visit
• My Mount Chungnan Cottage
• Spring in the Garden
• Watching It Snow and Thinking of My Friend, the Hermit Hu
• Passing the Temple of Accumulated Fragrance
• Returning to My Cottage
• Floating on a Marsh
• Introduction
• A Clear Wet Dawn
• Drinking in Moonlight
• For Tu Fu
• Grotto Garden
• Talking Leave of a Friend
• Listening to the Monk Chun Play His Lute
• She Thinks of Him
• ‘Fighting South of the Ramparts’
• Goodbye at the River
• To Wang Lun
• High in the Mountains, I Fail to Find the Wise Man
• Little Elegy
• Conversation Among Mountains
• Waking Up Drunk on a Spring Day
• Indulgence
• Blue Water Song
• Autumn Lines
• Introduction
from Five Hundred Words about My Journey from the Capital to Feng-Hsien
• A Moonlit Night
• Spring Scene
• The P’eng-ya Road
• Meandering River
• For Li Po
• In the City on Business I Meet One Friend and We Spend the Night Eating and Drinking at the House of Another
• Thinking of My Brothers on a Moonlit Night
• New Moon
• Rain on a Spring Night
• Seven for the Flowers Near the River
• Weary Night
• Spring
• Watching Fireflies
• Five Poems on the Autumn Fields
• White Horse
• Introduction
• Twelve Poems on the Months
• Big Song
• Among Ruins
• Song of the Screen
• Meditation
• Dawn in Stone City
• Magic Strings I
• Magic Strings II
• Finding an Arrowhead on an Old Battlefield
• A Beautiful Girl Combs Her Hair
• Introduction
• Things I Can’t Stand Hearing
• The Overdecorated Lute
• A Riddle and a Gift
• Untitled Love Poem I
• Untitled Love Poem II
• Untitled Love Poem III
• Untitled Love Poem IV
• Untitled Love Poem V
• Double Poem of Adultery •Three for the Goddess of the Moon
• Spring Rain
• Fallen Flowers
• In Exile
• Letter Home

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