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The Unknown Rilke
Selected Poems
Rainer Maria Rilke

Oberlin College Press


• Introduction
• Translator’s Note
David Sings For Saul
• The Rose Window
• God in the Middle Ages
• Saint Sebastian
• The Lace
• Before the Summer rain
• The King
• The Island
• Tombs of the Hetaerae
• Orpheus, Eurydice, Hermes
• Alcetis
• The Last Judgment
• Washing the Corpse
• One of the Old Women
• Lullaby
• The Birth of Mary
• The Presentation of Mary in the Temple
• The Annunciation
• The Visitation of Mary
• Joseph’s Suspicion
• Annunciation to the Shepherds
• The Birth of Christ
• Rest on the flight into Egypt
• The Marriage at Cana
• Before the Passion
• Pieta
• Quieting of Mary at the Resurrection
• the Death of Mary
• Improvisations of the Caprisian Winter
• “To drink things dissolved and diluted...”
• The Valley
• “In the sun-accustomed lane...”
• The Blessed
• Mausoleum
• “From time to time...”
• “Never mind one day...”
• “No, I’m not going to be destroyed...”
• Autumn Evening
• The Sick Child
• From the Night Watches of Sister Godelieve
• Walk at Night
• “Oh in childhood, God, how easy you were...”
• “Oh haven’t you known nights of love...”
• Perseus
• David
• “Her smile had become...”
• “Being, and confinement...”
• Fragment of a Resurrection
• To Lou Andreas-Salome
• To the Awaited One
• “Now we awaken with memories...”
• The Raising of Lazarus
• The Spanish Trilogy
• “You must mourn for a long time...”
• “In ignorance before the heavens of my life...”
• Christ’s Descent into Hell
• “Abandoned in the mountains of the heart...”
• “Who can say, when I go to a window...”
• “Wood pond, gentle, deep in self-communion...”
• To Benvenuta
• “The way water surfaces silently...”
• Death
• Requiem on the Death of a Boy
• The Death of Moses
• The Lord’s Words to John on Patmos
• “We’re drawn to what is unaware of us...”
• The Guest
• Unfinished Elegy
• The Hand
• Baudelaire
• “Regarding my answer I still don’t know...”
• Vase Painting (Supper of the Dead)
• “We are just mouth...”
• “Loss too is
• “Urns, tangled fruit of the poppy...”
• “Oh, not to be excluded...”
• “Now nothing can prevent me...”
• “How should such a book not want to be...”
• “Now it is time the gods stepped out...”
• “Birds’ voices are starting to praise...”
• Last Entry
• Notes

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