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By Common Salt
Killarney Clary

Oberlin College Press


• I had a home in the hill
• An old woman alone
• Only the size of a hand
• He will come to cause mischief
• Clear of oak groves
• A man with carnations
• North over one of the bridges
• I list in my mind
• If I can, I’ll read birds
• A lightless place beneath the city
• Their boat was lost
• A few steps, turns
• I’ve had a number of rosy days
• Stretched out
• You or I
• Mr. Dooms would meet us
• I set the letter
• What can anything stand for
• I am annoyed
• Restless before the canary
• The attendant at the corner station
• Last week we bought an ice cream
• Maybe they’re all singing
• I’m pulled east
• A pretty woman
• Comes from nowhere
• Certainty presses in
• The flag flaps
• If I pause for an instant
• I told her in case
• The dog moves
• She ordered a dress
• We
are loved
• A lozenge of rusted light
• In the morning, smoke
• Beyond the flowered sheets
• Tenderness
• He gives me a name
• I have done something
• “Cicadas sizzle...”
• I cushion
• “You might tether possibilities...”
• “Take my hand...”
• Where light falls
• An unlikely one
• A future spins
• A smooth, pretty stone
• Tight and tense
• They prepared with Sherpa porters
• Of a heavy butterfly
• The wild boy
• They’ll keep me
• Water echoes

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