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Collecting and Sharing
Trevor Fairbrother, John T. Kirk, and the Hood Museum of Art
Katherine Hart, contrib.; John O'Reilly, contrib.; James Tellin, contrib.; Trevor Fairbrother, contrib.; John T. Kirk, contrib.

Hood Museum of Art


• Foreword and Acknowledgments, Juliette Bianco, Interim Director
• A Shared Collection: An Introduction,
Katherine Hart
• An Interview with the Collectors:
Michael R. Taylor, Katherine Hart, Trevor Fairbrother, John T. Kirk
• Following the Vapor Trail: The Work and Ideas of Andy Warhol as Represented in the Fairbrother-Kirk collection,
Michael R. Taylor
• Home: A Portrait of John and Trevor,
John O'Reilly and James Tellin
• Seven Groups: Introduction to the Pictorial Section
• Histories
• Wonders
• Goods
• Marks
• Males
• Geometries
• Surfaces
• Works in the Exhibition

Tue, 15 May 2018 15:21:35 -0500