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Sex and Race, Volume 1
Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands -- The Old World
J. A. Rogers

Helga M. Rogers


Race Today
• Which is the Oldest Race
• The Mixing of Black and White in the Ancient East
• Black and White in Syria, Palestine, Arabia, Persia
• Who Were the First Inhabitants of India
• Who Were the First Chinese?
• The Negro in Ancient Greece
• Negroes in Ancient Rome and Carthage
• Were the Jews Originally Negroes?
• Race-Mixing Under Islam
• Race-Mixing Under Islam (Cont’d)
• Mixing of White and Black in Africa South of the Sahara
• Miscegenation in South Africa
• Race-Mixing in Africa and Asia Today
• Miscegenation in Spain, Portugal, and Italy
• Miscegenation in Holland, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Russia
• Negro-White Mixing in Germany, Ancient and Modern
• The Mixing of Whites and Blacks in the British Isles
• Miscegenation in France
• Isabeau, Black Venus of the Reign of Louis XV
• The Black Nun — Mulatto Daughter of Maria Theresa, Queen of France
• Baudelaire and Jeanne Duval
• Race-mixing in European Literature
• Did the Negro Originate in Africa or Asia?
• Black Gods and Messiahs
• History of the Black Madonnas
• Notes and References to the Negro Under Islam
• List of the Illustrations and Notes on Them

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