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Sex and Race, Volume 2
Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands -- The Old World
J. A. Rogers

Helga M. Rogers


• Race and the New World
• Venezuela
• Brazil
• Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile
• Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama
• Mexico
• Cuba, Puerto Rico, Surinam
• The Dominican Republic
• Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe
• The British West Indies
• The British West Indies After the Emancipation
• Present Racial Composition of Latin American
• The Beginning of Miscegenation in the United States
• Mixing of White and Black Nationally
• Mixing of Blacks and Whites in the United States
• The Break-Down of Anti-Miscegenation Laws
• Slaveholders and Their Trade with Houses of Prostitution
• Affection Between the “Races” During Slavery
• White Negro Slaves
• White People Sold as Negro Slaves
• Rivalry Between White Wives and Negro Concubines
• Famous White Men And Their Negro Mistresses
• Marriage of White Men and Negro Women During Slavery
• The Negro and the White Woman
• Negroes, Slave and Free, As Co-Respondents in White Divorce Cases
• Rich Negroes with White Wives During Slavery
• Noted White Americans of Negro Ancestry
• Miscegenation Since the Civil War: White Union Soldiers and Negro Women
• Rape of White Women by Negroes
• Race-Mixing as Related by Various Writers
• Present Day Case Histories
• Ratio of Sex and Race in Mixed Marriages
• Religion and Miscegenation
• Some Mixed Marriages of Our Times
• Mixed Blood Groups Known as Other Than Negroes
• Canada
• Oddities of Race-Mixing—Comedies and Tragedies
• Hannah Elias, The Black Cleopatra
• Notes on Latina America—Where Did Syphilis Originate
• Who Wished Miscegenation the More, Negro or Caucasian
• The Primitive Negro and His Attitude Toward Mixing with White People
• Body Odors and Their Sexual Effect
• Notes on the Illustrations

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