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Sex and Race, Volume 3
Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands -- Why White and Black Mix in Spite of Opposition
J. A. Rogers

Helga M. Rogers


Remarks on the First Two Volumes of Sex and Race
• The Why and Wherefore of Volume Three
• Mixed Marriages as Seen by the Law—Ancient and Early Historic
• Mixed Marriages as Seen by the Law—Our Times
• Mixed Marriages as Seen by the White Scientists
• Mixed Marriages as Seen by the Politicians
• Mixed Marriages as Seen by the Clergy and the Laity
• Mixed Marriages as Seen by Negroes
• The Four “Laws” of Race-Mixing
• The Mixing of Near-White and Black
• Is Rejection of the Negro by the White Woman Sincere?
• Do Negro Men Greatly Prefer White Women to Negro Ones?
• Which Attracts the Other More Strongly, White or Black? •The Real Purpose Behind Anti-Miscegenation Laws
• Which is More Beautiful, A White Skin or a Black One?
• Color Attraction and Homosexuality
• Which is More Sexually Competent, White or Black Ancient Background of the Question
• Which Is More Sexually Competent, White or Black? The Question of Today
• Sex: It’s Cosmic Purpose and Function
• The Universal Decay of Empires—Function of the Underman
• The Psychologic and Cosmic Forces That Lead Whites to Seek Blacks—Expressions of White Poets
• What are the White Man’s Lands? Is the United States one of them?
• Can a Couple Apparently White Have a Black Baby?
• Criticism of Current Racist Views
• The Need for Greater Vision
• Incompetency of Man’s Knowledge
• Twilight of the Bigots
• Notes of Chapter XVII
• Scattered Notes on Sex and Race, Vol. I
• Notes on Vol. II
• Notes on Beethoven
• Mammy Pleasant

Sources of the “Curse” of Ham on Negroes
• Notes on the Illustrations

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