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By a Thread
Molly Tenenbaum

Eastern Washington University Press


• The Night-Basket

• Reminiscence Forward
Song for Cellophane and Comb
• The Most High Thing
• Turtle Street
• Song of Clay Vessels
• Elephants, Pavilions
• Reading the Atlas: Hydrology
• Hang Your Clothes on a Hickory Limb
• The Ventriloquist's Granddaughter
• Fluent

• Saturdays, May to October
• The Hundred-Year Floods That Come Every Year
• The Origins Remain Obscure
• The Unpainted House
• Living inside Green Layers
• Paradise Practice
• Spring Vase
• Every Single Sprout
• As I Set Out
• Neither Now

• The Virtuoso of Field Identification Recognizes a Bird
• Beach Walk and Bad News
• The Spiders in the Fruit of Their Year
• Apple Ladder
• A Short History of the Bird Feeder
• The Tulip Problem
• To the Handsome Young Man Who Bought the Old and Wonderful Picture Dictionary at the Book Sale before I Even Saw It, and Gave Me a Glimpse of It After
• My Lost Apostrophes
• By a Thread
• The World Is the Shape of a Cat
• When It Rains, It Pours

• Notes on the Poems
• About the Author

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